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How can DoorDash use their platform and resources to continue the push for equity and social progress?


Dream to Table is a business accelerator and local food competition that leverages DoorDash's digital and physical assets to help aspiring restaurant owners open businesses in their community.

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Design Sprint

Live Client (Finalist)
1 week Timeline


Brand Research, Strategy
Concept Ideation, Interaction Design, Social Media Marketing


Adobe Creative Suite,
Figma, Google Slides


Sharon Byun
Curtis Winiesdorffer
Gabriela Olivera

David Ligon

Chris Cole 

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How can DoorDash use their platform and resources to continue the push for equity and social progress?


Not every cuisine or cultural group has an opportunity in every city.

"Every Flavor Welcome" is a DoorDash slogan. But our research on the topic suggested that while  every flavor of cuisine is, indeed, welcome to utilize the DoorDash platform, not every cuisine or cultural group has an opportunity in a city.



DoorDash can commit to sharing their physical and digital real estate with underrepresented groups.

DoorDash has a strong digital platform and a growing physical presence which they can use to give voice and opportunity to underrepresented groups. The app draws millions of users every day, and the emergence of delivery-only DoorDash Kitchens represents the company's effort to become a physical part of certain communities. There is a desire among consumers to support local businesses, particularly minority-owned companies and products.


By fostering local entrepreneurship and community engagement, DoorDash can help welcome new cuisines and cultures to communities across the country.


Dream to Table

Dream to Table is a business accelerator and local food competition that leverages DoorDash's digital and physical assets to help aspiring restaurant owners open businesses in their community.


Dream to Table competitions can be held in any city with a Doordash Kitchen, with a focus on expanding to cities that have less diversity in their cuisine (and sometimes, their culture).

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Building community and competition into the DoorDash mobile app

Our primary challenge, beyond developing the competition structure, was determining how to integrate the Dream to Table user experience with the existing app design. On one hand, we wanted to break the script enough to draw attention to the new feature. But we also wanted to provide the same seamless experience users have come to expect.

On-load alerts, banner, and a new icon for discovery.

Ordering with DoorDash is a habitual act for many people. We wanted to break the script through visible but unobtrusive tactics.

On-load alerts and a new icon in the top navigation to entice customers to explore Dream to Table restaurants. The icon filter could be repurposed to a more general "Local" filter after the competition ends.

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A menu page with personal touch.

DoorDash allows local restaurants to reach more people, but that extended network comes at the cost of less face-to-face interaction with customers.

Since personality is often a local restaurant's biggest selling point, we made sure to feature photos of the competing chefs.

Chef videos give people a peek behind the scenes.

In addition to missing out on the personal touch of a local eatery, DoorDash customers don't get a chance to feel or compare the particular ambiance of each place.

New profile videos, accessed by tapping the restaurant thumbnail, allow customers to learn more about the cultures and cuisines within their community.

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Customers can track the competitors' progress in the app.

Dream to Table design elements to the existing restaurant

thumbnails and restaurant pages to make them stand out.

Earn promotions for supporting local businesses.

Since each order counts as a point, customers can easily see their impact on the competition score. Repeated orders during the competition also earn them valued promotions like free delivery.

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Promotional Social Media Ads

Food delivery has become a habitual act, especially with the massive uptick in usage during 2020. We knew that creating a buzz around Dream to Table would be an important part of the project’s success. Posts on social media, including organic posts and targeted ads in competition locations, will raise awareness and offer context about the event.

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The promotional site lets people see the events in different cities, track the competitors progress, and learn about the competitors’ culinary and cultural history, as well as their dream to start a business.


Personalized delivery experience

For delivery customers, the final dropoff experience carries even more weight than the purchase process. We found an opportunity to personalize the experience with a custom bag and scannable Thank You card which links the customer to an Instagram filter to share their experience.

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Card (3).png
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Users said the Dream to Table experience felt spot on for DoorDash and made them excited to order.

We tested the new app experience with several users familiar with Door Dash and delivery apps. Our research goals were to gauge user understanding of the Dream to Table concept as presented in the app experience, and to address any unwanted friction points we may have introduced into the ordering process.

A majority of users understood the concept through the combination of informational alerts and new design elements (e.g. banners, icons). A few expressed interest to learn even more about the competing chefs. In an effort not to clutter the app, we will rely on the marketing through various social media channels to support and tell the story and create awareness for users.

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