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I am an out-loud, strategically goofy, throw everything up on the whiteboard thinker.

 I get my energy from talking and working with people around me. I am a huge hype woman and my ability to observe and entertain is what makes me stand out in a crowd.

Sparking conversations about why, and how, led me to an obsession with human behavior. In combination with visual design, I believe the pair can ignite to create products and experiences that will help us understand the human mind further.

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My big break

I got hired by a casting agency to play the one and only Tiger King in a short film. Let's just say, I played the role all too well....

You are what you ink?

I tattooed RAD on my ankle in college. Don't worry, I have no ragrets.

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Super Sonic speed

My first job was a car-hop rollerblader at Sonic Drive-In. I only wiped out twice!

Think you have the right answer?


Let's Chat! Send me an email at or find me on Linkedin

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